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Phase 3 – Development Permit Application

Once you approve the Preliminary Design & Presentation Drawings, Axiom Architecture Inc. will prepare all the plans, elevations and specifications required to submit to local council for application for development permit.  We will meet with local authorities, if required, to discuss and resolve any issues pertaining to the project. Typically, information required for development permit application includes detailed and fully dimensioned site plans, landscaping plans, floor plans, all exterior elevations, land use bylaw and building code summaries.

In many cases they also require coloured renderings, site survey plans, site grading plans, site storm water management plans, site service plans.  As required, Axiom will commission any special consultants required by the council to provide any additional information that they may require. If you prefer, Axiom Architecture Inc. will act as your legal agent to apply for the development permit.  During the Development Permit review process, we will promptly address any concerns that Council may have with the design so that the development permit can be issued without delay.


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