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Phase 4 – Construction Drawings and Specifications

Upon receipt of the Development Permit and your written approval to proceed, Axiom Architecture Inc. will confer with you and our affiliated team of engineering sub-consultants and then proceed to the Construction Drawings and Specifications Phase.  Incorporating any conditional revisions required by local council, we will prepare all the detailed construction drawings and specifications required for a Building Permit application.  These documents will also provide a comprehensive set of instructions for your builder to follow, so that every detail of our collective vision for the project will be correctly constructed.


Drawings and Specifications provided for construction typically include:

  • Architectural:
    Final Site Plan & Details, Landscaping Plan & Details, fully dimensioned and referenced Floor Plans & Details, Roof Plan, Enlarged Room Plans, Building Sections, Wall & Stair Sections, Door & Window Schedules, Architectural Specifications. 
  • Interior Design:
    Floor Finish Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans & Details, Finish Schedules, Millwork Plans and Details, Interior Design Specifications.

  • Structural:
    Foundation Plan & Details, Floor Framing Plans Sections & Details, Roof Framing Plan Sections & Details, Structural Specifications.

  • Mechanical:
    Mechanical Site Plan, Plumbing Plans, HVAC Plans, Mechanical Schedules & Details, Mechanical Specifications.

  • Electrical:
    Electrical Site Plan, Power Plans, Lighting Plans, Electrical Schedules & Details, Electrical Specifications.

  • Civil:
    Site Survey Plans, Site Grading Plans, Site Storm Water Management Plans, Site Service Plans, Civil Specifications.


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