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Phase 5 – Tendering Package

Axiom Architecture Inc. offers to prepare a comprehensive tendering package that regulates and organizes the process for contractors to bid on construction of the project.  The detailed construction drawings & specifications are included in the Tendering Package for contractors to calculate accurate bids for construction.  Along with the drawings and specifications, the Tendering Package includes components such as specialist reports, instructions to bidders, bid and agreement forms, special conditions, restrictions, allowances and procedures, etc.

Together with you, we will determine the list of general contractors to invite to bid on construction.  We will issue copies of the Tender Package to all of the invited general contractors, as well as the local construction associations.  During the Tender process, Axiom Architecture will field all the contractor’s questions regarding the project.  We will issue addendums as necessary to ensure that all bidders have equal opportunity.  We will analyze the bids and make recommendations for you to consider in your choice of general contractor.  Axiom Architecture Inc. will set up the Stipulated Price Contract for you and the general contractor to sign, then you will be ready to start building.


Phase 5a – Non Tendered

Alternatively, you may choose to tender the project, or you may have a construction manager, or you may even be a general contractor.  In this case, Axiom Architecture would simply issue the drawings and specifications directly to you. (Proceed to Phase 6a)


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